Welcome to TasCustom.com

TasCustom.com means more than 20 years of experience in the Custom Paint field, Airbrush, Design, Gold Leaf and painting on chrome.

We produced some well known Show Winners in the most prestigious exhibitions, Specialized Magazines, Calendars.

Numerous realizations honor us on roads. 

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Whatever you want to personalize a show bike ,an everyday custom, modify or refresh an original paint job, the care and products are always the same.


A custom paint  reflects your personality and represents the major visible part of your motor bike. The limits are infinite and left to the discretion of the customer.

Each motor bike and owner  is unique, thus the attention and preparation we put into our work is of primary importance.


Christian Fafard "Le Tas"


All jobs are made to order and painted according to the characteristics and the design of the customer.


Murals, flames, graphs, airbrush done with high quality paint.


All paintings are clear coated and polished to a high  glossy finish.


All designs original and will make your motor bike a single work of art !

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